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Lactate Sessions

Created on 13 October 2017 Last Updated on 13 October 2017
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Sample Lactate Session (A)

10 x 25 warmup 10 seconds rest after each

2 minutes rest

3 x 100 on 4:00 all out (50 m cool down within each 4:00)

2 minutes rest including extra 50 cool down

4 x 75 on 3:00 all out (25 m cool down within each 3:00)

2 minutes rest including extra 50 cool down

8 x 25 on 45 all out

cool down


Sample Lactate Session (B)

10 x 25 warmup 10 seconds rest after each

2 minutes rest

1) 75 all out + 75 cool down on 4:00

2) 50 all out + 50 cool down on 3:00

3) 25 all out + 25 cool down on 2:00

(1 + 2 + 3) x 5

cool down

Frequently Asked Questions

Created on 06 August 2014 Last Updated on 19 August 2014
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I wear a wetsuit in the open water swims?

A. Most of the races in and around Dublin, are swum in skins, and while you can take part in a wetsuit, you cannot compete in them. There are aquathons and other events where wetsuits are allowed and our members swim in both types of competition. We usually organise a number of practice swims in May, June, July and people often use their wetsuits for these. We welcome all.

Q. I used to swim when I was younger. Would I be too old to get back involved?

A. Dublin Swimming Club has members ranging in age from four to the late seventies. Most people coming back to swimming will find that after a few months they will be back to a good level of fitness. Indeed many of our members in their 40’s are now swimming race times within 5%-10% of what they achieved in their teens.

Q. I need to improve my stroke / I’m training for a triathlon and need some help. Can Dublin Swimming Club help?

A. We provide training sessions as opposed to classes, but our coaches will regularly give tips to individuals, especially newer members as well as reminding us all of the need for stroke improvement. Our hope, however, is that you will ultimately compete for Dublin in pool or open water competitions.

Q. I don’t want to join a club, but I would like to compete. Can I do so?

A. Most events we compete in are under the auspices of Swim Ireland and you need to be a member of a club and by association Swim Ireland to take part. There are some changes afoot re temporary membership which we can also talk to you about.

Q. I recently did the Swim A Mile for a Smile event. It was hard work, but would I be good enough to join a club.

A. Come on down!

Check out our video of mostly new swimmers talking about their open water experience and more here

... and don't forget to 'like' us on facebook here

Irish Masters Records

Created on 06 November 2013 Last Updated on 13 October 2017
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The masters movement in Ireland is continually reporting faster times in all disciplines in all ages. Be it provincial or national, records are being broken on a monthly basis.

In the past 10 years, Dublin Swimming Club members who have broken Irish records include ...

  • Claire O'Dwyer
  • Jack Meade
  • Mairín McDevitt
  • Jackie Kearney
  • Maeve Dunne

 ... and we also have a ladies relay record for a 200 medley if that wasn't enough.

 Leinster record holders from the Dublin Swimming Club in 2014 included:

  • Ceall O'Dunlaing
  • Niall O'Sullivan

The latest records can be downloaded from this [ link ]

Masters - pool hours

Created on 21 January 2009 Last Updated on 08 May 2015
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The following pool hours are available to Masters swimmers:

  • Sportsco: Thursdays 9pm – 10pm. Each first Thursday we have a social afterwards also
  • UCD: Sundays 8.45am - 9.45am (due to popularity of our new venue, limited availability; you must pre-book with the club). Now three lanes
  • Westwood Clontarf: Tuesdays 9pm – 10pm.

New members welcome; call in and join us at Sportsco or with advance notice to UCD sessions or Westwood.

Sample training sessions

Created on 10 April 2008 Last Updated on 26 April 2014
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Dublin Swimming Club training sessions cater for a range of abilities.  

Check out our facebook page at where we add up to three weekly training sessions (less in summer) - covering both 25m and 50m sessions from our top coaches.

Why not 'like' our page and get the weekly updates. Use them wherever you are - but remember, a coached session with others of a similar ability will improve your fitness and your stroke to a far greater degree than if you swim on your own.

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