Handicapping in LOS Races

Created on 23 May 2019 Last Updated on 24 May 2019
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Handicapping in LOS Races 

Handicappers encourage participation by giving all swimmers an equal chance of winning or placing in a race; they play a vital role in our enjoyment of the Summer swim season, and as a club we support them in their endeavours. 

As such, we have developed the following communications procedure for interactions with LOS around handicapping; please study this procedure carefully, as any gross deviations will entail sanctions.

Handicapping changes

Please consider an increased handicap as a compliment; it means that your fitness, swimming ability, or both, have improved.

Consider your changed handicap with these statements in mind:

Handicapping complaints

In the light of the above, if you feel that you have been handicapped unfairly please limit your discussions to those in person with your team mates; please refrain from doing so on any medium with a potentially permanent record, including, but not limited to WhatsApp and Twitter.

If a number of your team mates consider your handicap unfair, you may have grounds to petition. If this is the case, please follow our club's handicapping petitioning procedure:

  1. Please discuss your handicap with your (men's or women's) team captain.
  2. If, in the captain's opinion, the change in handicap seems disproportionate or punitive, they may query the handicap with race officials on the day,
  3. If the captain's query does not provide an adequate explanation for your change in handicap, or the captain declines to query on your behalf, you can request an official explanation from LOS only via our club secretary:

Under no circumstances should you contact the Leinster Open Sea organisation or individual Leinster Open Sea officials with regard to complaints about handicaps.