Corona Virus is a disease that needs you to have your immune system as good as it can be to overcome it. You may feel that with the restricted work environments that it is a perfect opportunity to ramp up exercise patterns.

Unfortunately when we exercise heavily our immune systems are loaded and weakened. You may identify this from the past when you have overdone it and picked up a chest infection. You do not want to do this now.

Having said that you do need ambient exercise or exercise that raises the heart rate for a period but is within your comfort zone to keep your immune system optimal. We are going to detail exercise plans on our training page that will help you with this (in light of the fact no pools are open for the foreseeable future).

With regard to the option of training in the sea as a replacement to unavailable pool time, we would only advise this if you would ordinarily be swimming in the sea at this time of year. It is currently 7 degrees celsius in Dublin Bay and if you are not acclimatised to this from having swam through winter, you will be taking a big risk. This is irrespective of wetsuit use.

If you do go for training in the sea. Swim in groups of 2 with tow floats and a person on shore watching with binoculars. You will probably need them to watch your clothes anyway.